Seven Knitting Things About Me

  1. I prefer to knit holding the yarn around the neck, but I can knit equally well using the continental method, or the English method. I can also knit backwards, that is, knit back and forth without turning the work. And I knit while I walk, even in the subway during rush hour (no accidents so far).
  2. I always carry a sock in progress with me. I like to knit socks from the toe up, so I can use up all the yarn available. I knit socks on 32″ circular needles, both at the same time. If I’m using stripy yarn, I obsess about matching the stripes.
  3. My favourite fibers are merino wool and baby alpaca. I favour natural colours, no dyes. I like DK and sport weights, the kind you can knit using a 3.5mm-4mm needle. I dislike knitting with cotton and synthetic fibers.
  4. I solve most of my knitting problems by changing stitch mount and adding short rows. Oh, and the crochet hook.
  5. I know at least seven different ways to cast on, and I believe there are more out there.
  6. I’m a process knitter (as opposed to a product knitter). I like to knit. Period. But I like to think of my knitting as utilitarian so I’m always wearing my own stuff – socks, hats, mittens, sweaters.
  7. I’ve been known to be a pattern snob. I’ve been knitting since I was ten (that’s thirty-something years), but NEVER used a pattern. I like to invent my own pattern every time. And I’m quite happy like that.


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